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Motorbike lifts

A motorbike lift is a great thing. Who wants to get down on their knees in front of a BMW C1?

Life in a workshop can be tough: 125s with pensioners’ sails, skimmed milk compressors, hairdressers’ Harleys. You know. You can’t always choose your repair jobs. But if it’s already mentally painful, the whole thing should at least be physically relaxed. So that you can work ergonomically and quickly. So the question is not “whether” a motorbike lift is needed, but “which”. How much load capacity and what lifting height? Manual, pneumatic, electrohydraulic? Anything is possible: we have the best motorbike lifts in our range and will find the perfect solution for you. Regardless of whether you work in a professional workshop or are a hobby mechanic.

2-post lift

You’ll be happy to work an extra shift with the lift!

A 2-pillar stage that leaves (almost) nothing to be desired. The ELVT2300. Made in Germany – it fulfils the highest quality standards for reliability and a long service life. With a lifting capacity of 3 tonnes, it can easily lift cars and small and medium-sized vans. Low cars? This is not a problem with its underswing height of 85 mm.

Impressive highlights of the platform include the 4-way roller bearing lifting carriage, bronze carrying nuts, cold-formed spindles, automatic spindle lubrication, electronic height compensation and automatic support arm locking. With the pillars rotated by 30°, the vehicle is picked up asymmetrically and you can open the doors further without having to twist! The columns are also barrier-free without a base frame, so no obstacle will stop you when you are working with the ELVT2300. Do you want a high-quality and reliable stage? Then the ELVT2300 is just right for you! You can find out more details in our shop.

2-Säulenhebebühne TRUSTERS ELVT2300
Balancing machines

“Balance or imbalance, that’s the question!” Said the man in the overalls and pressed the button.

Balancing is necessary to reduce uneven mass distribution in rotating elements by adding, removing or shifting correction mass. From a purely physical point of view. To put it simply, anyone who has a workshop and is self-respecting needs one of these: a balancing machine. For perfect tyre running. For a safe and pleasant driving experience free from vibrations. For a long service life and greater safety on the road. The only question is which model is right for you. Do you value precise technology, first-class quality, high accuracy and reliability? We like your standards… We have something for you!

Mounting machines

Tyres are an ingenious invention. Also from a business point of view: they wear out and have to be replaced at some point.

Tyre mounting. What workshop owner doesn’t have a smile on their face when they hear these words? Quite different from a normal tyre mounting in spring or autumn. Completely different requirements, completely new possibilities! All you need is a really good mounting machine. Easy to operate so that the mounting can be completed in just a few minutes. The size and design must of course perfectly match the main area of application. Quality and workmanship should be top. Any other wishes? Just ask us – we’ll find the perfect tyre changer for you!


You should surround yourself in your workshop with things that are useful. Ok, here are our accessories.

It’s not just the fat machines and equipment that are of great use in a workshop. There are also many smaller and clever solutions that make everyday work easier and always leave you smiling with satisfaction. Just like a bottle opener – you know what we mean. For example, the mobile kit for the POWERLIFT1000. Or a scissor lift, a front or rear wheel stand for motorbikes.


They leave other products behind. Because they are superior. Because they not only convince, they inspire. Here is our gallery of heroes.


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