Market shares, sales figures, profit. Of course, all of this is important to us. But, quite honestly, the most important thing for us is satisfied customers.

Our Story

“Honestly fought our way up. From the very bottom.”
This could be the title of our company history.

It wasn’t easy. But we have always followed our path consistently and with joy. And: We have never lost sight of our principles. Here’s our story in fast motion. REMO was founded by Martin Reisacher in 1985. From the home in Altusried, the one-man company began trading in workshop equipment. Runs. In 1993, the company changed its name to REMO Hebebühnen GmbH. More and more end customers and resellers trusted the honest advice and first-class customer service. Son Andreas, who had practically grown up in the company, joined the business: In January 2006, he became Managing Director and from then on managed the company together with his father.
A first online shop was set up. quickly developed into one of the best-known platforms for lifting platforms, workshop equipment and spare parts. In 2013, Martin Reisacher retired from company management and handed over sole management of the company to his son Andreas. The programme of lifting platforms, assembly and balancing equipment continued to grow. A separate product range was established and sold under the company’s own brand name. Until at some point the warehouse and office space reached its final limit. So the move to Kempten took place in March 2022. Then another change of direction in 2023: With the relaunch of the REMO brand to TRUSTERS, the company is focusing on a strong image and clear differentiation from the competition as it moves into the future. To be continued.

Our team

For many of our customers, we are not the retailer, the shop or the service hotline. But Simon, Alex and David.

Sure, we love the smell of oil. And of course we all love the world of workshops and mechanics. But what really welds us together as a team is something completely different. It’s the TRUSTERS spirit: we want our customers to have a special experience with us. This can be competent and honest advice. Or the perfect product solution. Or the quick and uncomplicated help with problems. Maybe it’s all together. And then at some point it happens: a normal business relationship turns into a close and long-term partnership. And the polite you now becomes a familiar you.

Dominik Dorn
Purchasing and Sales

Andreas Reisacher
Managing Director

Christoph Lewerenz

Simon Steininger
Sales and Customer Service

Alexander Schugg
Sales and Customer Service

David Aßhauer
Sales and Customer Service

Sylvia Sagrillo

Sabrina Haller
Feel Good Manager & Accounting

Ilayda Gyler

Diana Waibel

Sebastian Kraus


You have questions?

We will be happy to advise you during our service hours (Mon-Fri 08:00 to 16:00), just get in touch with us.

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