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SMS Spy Phone Packages


SMS Spy phone. Use it as stealth sms ghost phones, listen into conversations, intercept calls or have SMS text messages copied and sent to you

Get copies of all incoming and outgoing SMS Text messages coming to and from the target phone.

Install our intelligent spy software on any of these MOBILE PHONE handsets and secretly receive duplicate copies of ALL their incoming and outgoing text messages that will be forwarded directly to your mobile phone. Our future proof software automatically deletes all the logging folders of any duplicated messages and the pre-defined number from the target phone so the end user will have absolutely no idea you are receiving secret copy's of all their SMS activities.

Features Include:

*TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) Forwarding Receive a copy of all (incoming & outgoing) Text messages from the Stealth Phone.

* Remote Activation Activate these features remotely from your phone anywhere in the world.

* GSM Localization (Soon to come) Receive coordinates by text message notifying you the exact location of the stealth phone!


This is a powerful monitoring tool to give your partner/spouse, children, employee, business associate, friend etc.. or whoever you wish to monitor completely anonymously. This spy software uses a highly advanced and intelligent software program that works in its own environment to offer the very best mobile phone surveillance on the market.

Our new feature for Text Interception now includes a Remote Control management tool which means that once the software has been initially installed you never need touch the target phone again. Any codewords, symbols or characters you specify can be used to remotely activate and de-activate the SMS Forwarding feature and change the pre-defined number on your command.

Many try to replicate our powerful software solutions but we are the ONLY genuine suppliers of 100% tamper proof and trace resistant technology.

* 100% software solution
* Easy to install
* Covers all GSM coverage
* Receive both incoming and outgoing text messages
* Change pre-defined number on SMS command
* No logging of forwarded texts
* No logging of pre-defined number
* Intelligent auto delete feature
* Remote activation and de-activation of Text Interception feature on SMS command
* Bullet proof reliability
* Future proof technology
* World leaders in spyphone development



1) SMS Forwarding

Receive an immediate copy of all text messages (SMS) from the Stealth phone the moment they are sent or received by the Stealth Phone. This powerful and highly advanced software is 100% trace resistant and immediately leaving no logs on the Stealth Phone.  Monitor ALL the Stealth Phone's mobile phone SMS (text message) activities with this solid state-of-the-art bullet-proof software solution.

With complete piece of mind you will be able to monitor the activities of your children, your spouse/partner, your employees, your associates, your friends, without them EVER knowing!

The software will also intelligently recognize when it is you calling.

2) Remote Activation Control

This software feature allows you to remotely activate or de-activate the SMS Forwarding feature by secret codes you specify. Secret codes can be words or symbols you choose for example to activate the SMS Forwarding feature on their mobile you have chosen the word 'Hello', and to de-activate it you have chosen the word 'Later'. This means whenever the pre-defined number (your number) sends the target phone an SMS with your specified codeword written ANYWHERE within the body of the text, the software will intelligently recognize that codeword and turn ON/OFF the hidden feature as appropriate.

You may only want to receive copies of their SMS messages (sent or received) by the target phone during certain times of the day or for a short or accurate periods, in this case you will need the Remote Control to turn ON/OFF the SMS Forwarding feature at any time, whenever you want. Without the Remote Control feature, you will continuously receive their SMS messages.

3) Global Localization (soon to come)

When you text message the Stealth phone your secret password, it will text back coordinates.  These coordinates are then entered into third party  tool online that will show the location of the phone. This extremely powerful software is totally undetectable to the user.


Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Stealth Phone Software is not intended to be used for such applications. Check your local laws !



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