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Stealthphone Call Interceptor

Cellular Call Interceptor Package:
Includes Ghost Mode and SMS interceptor!

(Only on phones with built in GPS)


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Intercept incoming and outgoing calls...

If a call is in progress on the target phone (incoming or outgoing) the user will be sent a SMS on the pre-defined number to a cellular phone you choose. At this point, if the user calls the target phone, they will be able to hear the conversation taking place on the target phone. Please note that Call Conferencing and call display is required for this feature to work properly.

Our cellular phone interceptor is the best in the market, we turn your target's mobile phone into a sophisticated surveillance device and spy phone.

Features Include:

1. Cell Phone Interceptor | Interception of mobile calls

Phone is and listen into BOTH sides of the conversation!

2. Spyphone

Listen into what is happening around the phone when it is not in use like a room monitor or bug transmitter.

3. Reboot and SIM change notifications

Get notified when the phone is turned on.

4. Incoming and outgoing call notifications

Get notified when every call is made or received. Use this to pick and choose who you want to listen into.

5. Text Interception with Remote Control SMS spy

Get copies of all SMS messages made and received by the target's cellular phone.

6. Location

Get GSM codes from the target's cell phone that will let you input them into 3rd party websites to get the location of the phone.

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Interceptor Package

* Receive both incoming and outgoing text messages
* Dial in and listen to surrounding vicinity
* Immediate text notifications when the target phone is switched on
* Time and date stamping
* Immediate text notifications when the target phone receives an incoming call
* Text notification shows land line, mobile or international number calling in
* Immediate text notifications when the target phone dials an outgoing call
* Text notification shows land line, mobile or international number being called
* Dial in and intercept BOTH sides of target phone conversations
* 100% software solution
* Easy to install
* Covers all GSM coverage
* Change pre-defined number on SMS command
* Change stealth mode on SMS command
* Remote activation and de-activation of Spyphone feature on SMS command
* Remote activation and de-activation of Call Conferencing feature on SMS command
* Remote activation and de-activation of Text Interception feature on SMS command
* Remote activation and de-activation of Boot/SIM change feature on SMS command
* Remote activation and de-activation of text notifications on SMS command
* Remote SMS command to reboot target phone
* Remote SMS command to completely uninstall spy software
* No logging of forwarded texts
* No logging of pre-defined number
* Intelligent auto delete feature
* Bullet proof reliability
* Future proof technology
* World leaders in spyphone development

Many try to replicate our powerful software but we are the ONLY genuine suppliers of 100% tamper proof and trace resistant technology for GSM spy phones.


Cellular Interceptor Full Package
Full Interceptor package Box

Our Price: $875

2010 SALE!


Cellular Interceptor Software Package
Full Interceptor Suite Nokia Software for Newer GSM Nokia Phones.

Includes Stealth Ghost mode and SMS forwarding.

This license is good for ONE IMEI number and cannot be used on more than one phone.

Please read FAQ and Terms of Service before ordering.

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The price is for the software only, to be installed yourself onto one of the range of compatible mobile phones. Check HERE to see which phones are compatible. If it is not listed HERE, it is not compatible. You may enter below your phone model and IMEI number which will allow us to configure and generate a custom built file for your handset using default commands. If you wish to use your own commands, please clearly state them in a separate email. Your file will be sent to you in an email attachment within 24-48 hours. You then simply transfer the file to the phone. Installation is simple and comes with full easy to understand instructions.


Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Stealth Phone Software is not intended to be used for such applications. Check your local laws !

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